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Whether you are interested in burning fat, building muscle or just being healthy Portioned creates meals that target macronutrient proportions, and limit all harmful carbs and sugar to optimize your metabolic profile. We calculate each meal’s proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Our meals are low-sodium, with balanced fat, dairy or dairy-free, soy-free, and contain no refined or artificial sugars. We also can specialize meals based on every lifestyle preference whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, gluten-free, etc.

Cooking is not only an art it is a science and just because you count macros does not mean the meals will be flavorful. Portioned is different because we focus on making our meal not only meet your nutritional goals but taste amazing. We have more than ten chefs that design food weekly for our menu. Our goal is to create dynamic meal options that taste amazing. Our team is made up of restaurateurs and fitness advocates who pay close attention to every detail from presentation to food quality.


  • Specialized Meal Plans Tailored to Individual Needs
  • Macros Calculated
  • Fresh Never frozen
  • Meals Prepared by People in the Fitness & Restaurant Industry



Meal prepping has become popular in the health & fitness industry as well as with busy professionals. Prepping is a perfect way to keep track with your nutrition goals. But as we all know; it’s near impossible to find time to cook one healthy meal, let alone prepare meals for a full day or even an entire week. For those who are not the most kitchen savvy, it can be even more difficult. When the school, work, and family are thrown into the mix of your daily schedule, it’s easy to let healthy eating to go out the window and let unhealthy, fast and/or convenient food choices take over your daily intake. When there are those healthy quick food options they usually are at price point that is not realistic especially realistic multiple times a day.

Portioned is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle! We believe that eating healthy can taste great, be convenient, and not cost a fortune. We offer the largest variety of macro-tailored meals in the country, for every food philosophy, including Paleo, Whole 30 and Keto. Our food is fresh never frozen and cooked the same day they are delivered to your door. All meals are portioned out specifically to your needs in microwave-safe containers, so all you have to do is heat them up. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions or special requests. Let us do all the work and provide you with the tools you need to live a healthier lifestyle.


Portioned meals partnered with Unity Farms Investment Group LLC in July of 2018, to benefit from its unapparelled support and innovation to the emerging meal prep sector. Unity’s team seeks to integrate the very best in bio-individualized meals and services for its customers, adding strong management, capital resources to grow, and world renowned chefs to create new delicious foods.

Joey Ko, Co-Founder & Head Chef


VP Acquisitions

As the founder of one of the first, and longest run- ning meal prep companies, Fresh & Fit Meals, Joey has spent more than 10 years helping people change their lives through food. After losing more than 50lbs on the Keto diet himself, Joey realized it wasn’t a diet at all, but a way of life that can be sustained and enjoyed. Joey believes the Keto rev- olution is changing the way we view nutrition, using fat for fuel. Joey created Keto Klean to marry the concept of clean eating with tantalizing foods and delicious desserts.


Consultant & Partner

Dr. Scott Hays is a nationally recognized nutrition and supplement formations expert, specializing in food products. Dr. Hays’ products have collectively grossed over one billion dollars in global sales. Dr. Hays is a leading authority on alternative health, and has served as a nutritional advisor for a vari- ety of private medical groups. Dr. Hays earned his Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry from the Interna- tional Academy of Nutritional Sciences.

Ed Bio


Founder/Portioned Meals

Ed created the concept of Portioned Meals to help customers achieve their fitness goals through balanced nutrition, based on controlled calories and macros, customized to their metabolic profile. The biggest misconception when choosing a diet system isn’t just the food we put in our bodies, but the proper portioning of these nutrients as fuel, with balanced macros that suit our biochemistry.

Ed Bio


Business Development

Marden Morales has been an operator of businesses he’s invested in for 9 years. He helped take company’s e-commerce from $150k/year to $500k/year, to $1.3M/year. He uses data to project future moves and results. He creates or adds multiple product lines to increase market share, and is always striving to provide a better customer experience.


Chef Connect brings to Portioned Meals not one, but over twenty regional master chefs to create new and innovative foods for you. Each month you select the chef, along with their best dishes that are your favorites, and we add them to the menu. We guarantee you will never find more variety or better food anywhere to meet your health and fitness goals.